I recently brought my mini into you with an intermittent fault. Since coming to you, the car again runs perfectly. When you told me of the loose line in turbocharger, it reminded me that problem first occurred after a recall for a turbo issue a while ago. After the recall, i first took the car back complaining that it was not running right. I have since been back for the services to BMW, each time complaining of the same issue and was generally told the cause was dirty fuel. I guess they had not put this line back tight? Again thank you for the job very well done – and at no charge. I shall be back for the next service or repair, and will happily recommend you to others. All the very best.


Peter Gelman

I just wanted you to knw that i am very pleased with the modification to the exhaust that you performed.It is an improvement to the note and performance. Thank you also for the special price for the modification. See you guys again.


Chris Sikavttsas

I am just writing to thank you for the way you looked after me, and fitted in the installation of the BRABUS kit to suit my ongoing medical treatment. You asked if I could give some feedback on the vehicle when I returned to Adelaide. I am delighted to inform you that the B50 Kit has performed beyond my expectations and improved the Mercedes in several ways I was not expecting. Firstly, when starting the Mercedes, everything is absolutely normal, and you can’t believe that any modification has occurred. It is only when the Mercedes is driven more aggressively that you tell that the engine to gearbox mating appears to be much smoother. The other area unaffected is the quietness of the Mercedes – it was impossible to pick the difference on our trip back to Adelaide. The second unexpected benefit was in fuel economy. I had only taken one reading on highway use initially when the Mercedes was new and came up with figure of 12.8 Litres /100 – But on the trip back to Adelaide it returned to 10.9 Litres /100. As for the rest of the cars performance, it is an amazing difference. When the accelerator is used, the Mercedes responds instantly, no matter what speed you are travelling, and gone is that slight hesitation. Regarding the installation of the additional Radiators to address the Heating Problems, I am amazed how you managed to fit in extra Radiators and looks as if fitted as standard by Mercedes. I have no hesitation in highly recommending any other Mercedes Owner to avail themselves of the Brabus Power upgrades, and the professional installation services you provide. It was worth the drive from Adelaide to Melbourne to have it installed.

Robert Dunn

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