Why you need to get your Mercedes Benz checked every six months

Oil changes, tire rotation, fluid checks let’s face it cars are a lot to take care of and your Mercedes Benz is no different, in fact, your Benz may seem as though it requires more maintenance than usual. Today we want to take a look at why you need to have your Mercedes Benz checked every six months. We assure you the reasons are legitimate and will save you money over the long run. You might be wondering: what are the things that we are looking for when it comes to Mercedes Benz? We have the list of reasons on why. 

  • Big problems start as small issues – You have heard this phrase before or have even experienced and it’s true. If you bring your Mercedes into your local Melbourne service centre every six months the technicians can assess any changes and fix them straight away before they become big problems.
  • It’s Free – This particular point will depend upon the dealership from which you purchased your Mercedes, some will offer free routine maintenance and oil changes for a specified amount of time, traditionally a year. So, if the service is free why not take advantage of it, right?!
  • Bells & Whistles – While Mercedes along with many other car manufacturers have added indicator lights to let you know when you oil is low or tire pressure is low these sensors may become damaged or otherwise unreliable so it’s always best to schedule routine maintenance for your vehicle on the average six-month schedule.
  • Safety & Security – This can be especially important if you have little ones who ride in the vehicle often. Their safety and knowing they are protected could be the biggest *sigh* moment. Even if you can’t visibly see a problem there could be one and routine maintenance will help to eliminate or bring those problems to light so they can be repaired.

There are many people today who are able to change their own brakes and oil and perform other relatively simple tasks when it comes to services their vehicle and while this may, in fact, save some money and time in the short run, in the long run, it might end up costing you more. When you go against the manufacturers’ recommended schedule or care process you could possibly void any type of warranty that was offered on your vehicle. When you take your Mercedes in to be serviced the service shop will use all new Mercedes brand products to ensure your vehicle is well taken care of and stays within the guidelines. So, while it may be tempting to try and save a few dollars in the short run, double check and make sure your DIY thinking won’t cause problems for you down the road in the long run.