Five habits that are damaging your Mercedes Benz

Our vehicles…the main source of transportation for most of us around the Melbourne streets. We want to take good care of our Mercedes Benz because of letting face it, they are expensive vehicles. But you aware there are some practices that we think are helpful but are actually harmful to our Mercedes? Join me as we take a look at the five habits that are actually damaging your Mercedes Benz.

  • Preheating – When it’s cold out we have all heard the phrase “Go preheat the car” but do you realise by allowing your Mercedes to idle can actually be causing harm. Today’s engines have enough lubrication that they don’t really need to be preheated.
  • Forget the ties – poor tire maintenance will wear your tire tread down unevenly, you will wear down the tread on the outside of the tire, and thus causing difficulty for controlling your Mercedes as well as trying to use the brakes. Another problem caused by improperly inflated tires will waste your gas and most of us know how expensive gas is.
  • Speeding – The local law enforcement will tell you how bad speeding is with a ticket or you might find out the dangers of speeding because of an accident. When you drive above the speed limit you tend to brake harder and faster. This “slamming the brakes” wears out your tires much quicker.
  • One foot on the brake or clutch – You may be trying to drive more responsibly but I the end you could be causing more damage than good. While you may be practising this habit to try and conserve gas you actually end up doing more damage than good. When you drive with one foot constantly or almost constantly on the brake or clutch you tend to wear those parts out quicker leading to the need for replacements more often.
  • The shade of the dashboard – We have all seen those window sunshades the ones that are as long as your windshield and are meant to keep the sun out of your car, they actually do the world of good if you can get past the look of them. Now you can actually find pretty good looking sunshades so that your Mercedes doesn’t look ridiculous. These sunshades actually help keep your dashboards from blistering, cracking, fading or getting damaged in other ways from the sun exposure. The sun when it comes through the glass actually gets magnified and when you match that up with the heat from a hot summer day you are just asking for trouble for your dashboard.

Hopefully, you do not practice any of these habits that can be damaging to your Mercedes and if you are then we hope this information has helped you realise the dangers of your habits so you can break them. You can trust the experts here at Sharp Performance. With years of experience in the industry, we know how to service Mercedes Benz and we know how to manage it all for our clients.